In April of this year, my eight year old quarter horse mare, Fergie, was having some lameness issues and my trainer suggested that I take her straight to a lameness specialist, Hill Country Equine/Dr. David Dutton in Boerne, Texas, which is actually a five hour trip for us.  I’m so glad I did because it turns out she had a suspensory ligament injury on her right hind and the soreness on her other legs were due to shoeing issues.   After treating her suspensory using shockwave therapy, he suggested that this treatment, in combination with an AquaPacer Treadmill over the next 3-6 weeks, would be extremely beneficial and he stated he’d had great results with that plan.  It would also enable us to have a farrier who specializes in shoeing problems to treat her and, in addition, the mare was slightly overweight so the AquaPacer would be great for that as well.   Even though I was happy that her lameness issues weren’t more serious, I was in total shock (and, yes, slightly skeptical) that I would need to leave my horse in order to receive the care and treatment she needed.  It was at that point that Dr. Dutton explained the various aqua therapy options, and when I heard that Cassie Mantor owned Fossil Creek Equine Center, it was a no brainer!  I’ve known Cassie and her parents for years from the Quarter Horse circuit when my daughters showed and my fear melted away into relief, because I knew these were horse people and I could totally trust them.  We loaded Fergie back into the trailer and headed straight to Fossil Creek Equine Center, which was only about 20 minutes down the road.

I was totally blown away when we pulled into the facility–first class all the way.  From the gorgeous stalls to the “green shavings” it was clear that they’d thought of everything here.  Cassie not only kept me updated on how Fergie was doing (even sending photos of Fergie swimming, which apparently the horse really enjoyed!) but she also coordinated vet and farrier appointments with Hill Country Equine.  As Fergie progressed, we added Thera Plate to stimulate hoof growth.  By the end of eight weeks, Dr. Dutton pronounced her completely sound–her suspensory injury was healed and the therapeutic shoeing had been successful.  When I arrived  to take her home, I was pleasantly surprised–I hadn’t seen the horse in weeks and she was sound, toned and her coat was shiny.   And equally important, the horse was relaxed and happy.   There was no way my mare could have received the services provided by Fossil Creek Equine Center anywhere close to me–it was clear that I had made the right decision.

In fact, I continue to haul my mare to Fossil Creek Equine Center every six weeks when I bring her up for re-checks and shoeing.  Cassie is extremely professional and accommodating and I know my horse is in the best possible hands.  Fergie is moving better than ever and her attitude has even improved now that she feels good.   I highly recommend Fossil Creek Equine Center to everyone and I am super hard to please when it comes to my horses!

Barbara Gonzalez
Rio Hondo, Texas